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More on Nomar Mazara and Jorge Alfaro

A couple of links on the Nomar Mazara and Jorge Alfaro promotions


While this has been a lost season at the major league level, the news from the minors has generally been positive (and interesting), and that continued yesterday with the news that Nomar Mazara and Jorge Alfaro were being promoted to AA Frisco -- Alfaro being jumped up from high-A Myrtle Beach, Mazara from low-A Hickory.

Nathaniel Stoltz has a write-up on the pair at FanGraphs, and even though he references J.P. Arencibia when talking about Alfaro's future, there's a lot of things in the write-up to make you feel good about Alfaro's future.  Stoltz has also been beating the Mazara drum for some time, and offers some insights on how he's ended up in Frisco.

Meanwhile, Rotoscouting has a write-up on the Mazara promotion, looking to explain why Mazara jumped up to Frisco when the Rangers have three quality outfield prospects at Myrtle Beach who are being skipped over.