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44-69 - Colby tosses CGSO, Rangers score infinite runs to beat White Sox

The Rangers scored a season-high 16 runs out of nowhere to avoid a fifth straight loss on this midwest road trip

Thank you, modern hip science
Thank you, modern hip science
Jonathan Daniel

The Rangers scored 16 runs tonight. They had scored 8 runs in the previous four games on this road trip combined. The Rangers hit 5 home runs in the game tonight. Two from Robinson Chirinos, and one each by Adrian Beltre, J.P. Arencibia, and Shin-Soo Choo. The Rangers had gone nearly 50 innings without hitting a home run dating back to Arencibia's grand slam against the Yankees a week ago.

Basically, the White Sox should be very, very embarrassed.

Player of the Game: Somehow, the Rangers scoring 16 runs isn't even the biggest story of the night. Colby Lewis tossed his first CGSO since 2011 on six hits, a walk, and seven strikeouts. He was vintage Colby from the 2010 season tonight.

We heard yesterday that Colby is now able to throw bullpen sessions between starts as he continues to figure out how to exist as a pitcher coming back from pioneering hip resurfacing surgery. Since he allowed 11 runs to the Angels in pretty much his worst start of his career on July 10, he's allowed seven runs in four starts comprising 27 1/3 innings. It might just be that Colby has figured it out.