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Thoughts on a 16-0 Rangers victory

What the hell? Is it 2011 again?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 16, ChiSox 0

  • Wait...16?  Really?  The Rangers scored 16 runs?  And it was the Rangers' opponent who had to put in the position player to pitch?  Freaky.
  • I wasn't able to watch this game.  I was out at dinner most of the time it was going on.  When I finished and left the restaurant, I checked and saw that the Rangers were blowing out Chicago and Colby Lewis was on the verge of a complete game shutout.  It was like a time warp.
  • Here's the thing, though...Colby Lewis has, of late, been a pretty good pitcher.  His ERA on the season is down to 5.50, but if you take out that disaster 13 run start against the Angels, its 4.71.  In his last seven starts, he's allowed more than three runs just one time -- that 13 run disaster against the Angels.  Colby has, over the last six weeks or so, looked like a quality major league pitcher -- which he didn't in the first couple of months.  Mike Peasley said on Twitter during the game that he thinks, at this point, Lewis is "part of the puzzle" for 2015.  We still have to see how Lewis finishes out the season, but if he keeps pitching like this, I would expect the Rangers to try to bring him back for next year.
  • Man, what a nice box score to look at.  The offense went nuts.  Every starter had a hit.  Dan Robertson had a three hit game.  Robinson Chirinos had a three hit game that included a pair of homers.  J.P. Arencibia had a three hit game, and came a triple short of a cycle.  Adrian Beltre hit a homer.  Shin-Soo Choo hit a homer.  Everyone was doing good stuff.
  • Winning is fun.  Especially winning in a blowout.