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Wednesday Morning Links

oh, Rangers, I can't stay mad at you.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's win is satisfying until you realize that our regularly scheduled beatings will soon continue.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the win, with the Rangers breaking out the bats and Colby pitching well when it makes absolutely no difference.

The Padres are expected to hire A.J. Preller, so expect him to have career ending spine surgery any day now.

Sullivan's notes column discusses the clown car that is Rangers first base, Adrian Beltre leading the team through a trying season much like Lord Cardigan led the charge of the Light Brigade.

Evan Grant wonders if Colby Lewis sealed a spot in the 2015 rotation with last night's gem, and I guess the answer is "sure, if the front office forgets everything there is to know about small sample sizes."

Alex Rios has been placed on revocable waivers, says the DMN, and wonders what that means, and it means absolutely nothing just like it always means nothing.

Nick Martinez is looking to set a dubious team record in a season full of dubious team records.

Grant takes a look at the reports that the San Diego Padres have hired A.J. Preller away from the Rangers, provided that they also take Unholy Baphomet, Wretched Demon of the Dolorous Disabled List.

Odor looks to sit against Chris Sale and Evan scouts the Wednesday matchups.

Calvin Watkins says that Colby Lewis is continuing to audition for a role in 2015.

Watkins also tells us that Robbie Ross wants to come back to the rotation, presumably so Ron can finish the arm slagging job he started.

Doug Padilla had the ESPN rapid reactions to last nights win, asking questions like "how did it happen" (the answer is blind squirrels and nuts and all that) and "what does it mean" (the answer is nothing the team is still awful).

And finally, behold the comprehensive new personality survey to identify narcissists.