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Thursday Morning Links

Adam Rosales now penciled in as next Ranger to receive devastating injury

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Rosales, you're not just tempting fate, you're waggling your naughty parts over its gaping maw.

Landon Haaf at WFAA says that Rosales was the unlikely hero last night, somehow neglecting to mention that anyone who does anything good is an unlikely hero at this point because who are these people?

Calvin Watkins has some notes, including Luis Ortiz being promoted already and Holland throwing his third rehab start  on Saturday.

It's possible that, like The Ring, we've passed on the injury curse to someone else thereby avoiding our fate... Adam Eaton injured himself trying to run down an Adam Rosales homer.  He forgot, apparently , that you can not stop Rosales you can only hope to contain him.

The Padres officially hired A.J. Preller yesterday.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers are going to have to expand their circle of trust with Preller leaving, though I'd advise them not to expand it to the point where it includes whatever butcher is doing these back surgeries.

Daniels has placed restrictions on who Preller can take with him to San Diego.

In Bud Selig's victory lap, and I'm totally making air quotes with my fingers there, he informs us that the Hicks Ranger sale was one of the rockiest times in his tenure as commissioner, though I'm not sure it would even make my top five.

Nick Tepesch is studying Colby Lewis to learn how to be a better pitcher and hopes that in so doing he'll raise his ERA back up to 5.50.

T.R. Sullivan's notebook includes the tidbit that Soto will be sharing time with Chirinos and that Daniel Robertson something something.

And, finally, in "science meets undeath" news we have an article in Scientific American about the sequencing of Ozzy Osborne's DNA and what that might say about his shocking ability not to keel over dead yet.