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Friday Morning Links

The good thing about an off day is that we probably didn't lose.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant takes a look at today's matchups, noting that Miles Mikolas has had some okay outings of late, and tells us about who won the various minor league awards in July.

Gerry Fraley blogs about Gimenez getting his walking papers.  Congratulations on having a kid, Gimenez!

Alex Rios has cleared waivers, which means that he can be traded though probably not for anything of value..

There will be a benefit concert and charity auction for Richard Durrett's wife and kids at Billy Bob's on September 8.

The Rangers are hosting the 2014 Reviving Baseball in Inner-Cities tournament this year for the first time.

Finally, it appears that you can choose between the Scylla of skin cancer or the Charybdis of dementia.  It's one of those heads I win, tails you lose kind of deals.