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45-70 - Rangers do their best to do their worst, lose late to Houston

The Rangers were pretty close to winning three straight times for the first time since June 13 but then they remembered that they're the 2014 Rangers

You can't stop this train, J.P.
You can't stop this train, J.P.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are the first team in the league to have 70 losses. That's bad. The Rangers are a couple of losses to the Astros away from relinquishing the Silver Boot. That's also bad.

Mike Matuella or Daz Cameron, though...

Maybe they'll be good.

Player of the Game: I'm annoyed that I have to begrudgingly like J.P. Arencibia now. He's gone full first-half 2014 Nelson Cruz for the Rangers at sort of the worst time. (But who are we kidding? Robbie Grossman's the real MVP.)