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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The number one source for wondering why Gerry Fraley is still employed

A reason I'm going to miss the Rangers
A reason I'm going to miss the Rangers
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Good morning. Happy Labor Day!

The dog days of August are over. Football is back. It's September now. It's practically autumn. Playoff baseball is just around the corner. Not for us, though. It's a blessing in 2014 that this season is almost done, but I get the feeling I'll be missing the sport by like mid-November.

Calvin Watkins provided the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 3-2 late-inning fall-from-ahead loss to the Houston Astros to finish off a series loss.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the combo of Neal Cotts and Neftali Feliz couldn't get the Rangers out of the 8th inning with a 2-1 lead.

Stefan Stevenson writes that the Astros kicked the Rangers while they were down. That is technically correct, which, as we know, is the best kind of correct.

Watkins recaps the fateful 8th inning which did nothing to ease the Rangers' minds about Feliz's future in the back of the bullpen.

Sullivan's Notebook covers the unsettled fifth starter, J.P. Arencibia's reduced role, and a history of short exits in potential no-hitters.

Stevenson has notes on Arencibia's benching, Colby Lewis likely finishing as the team leader in starts and innings pitched (Imagine hearing that fact in March), and an update on various injuries.'s Matt Slovin previews tonight's opener of the only series the Rangers will play in Kansas City this season. Lewis will face Yordano Ventura as the Royals try to reclaim first place in the AL Central.

Finally, as it seemed the links were pretty well ignored yesterday, I'm re-posting Evan Grant's article on last place being the best place for this non-contending Rangers team even if it's unpleasant for the players.

P.S. Oh man. The A's are totally 2013 Rangers-ing right now. Those words are like Josh Hamilton actually catching that ball in 2012 to my ears. It's good schadenfreude when it ain't us.