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Poll -- Colby Lewis and the 2015 rotation

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Do you want Colby Lewis in the Rangers 2015 rotation?

Mike Stone

There was a discussion in the comments last night about Colby Lewis, and his possible inclusion in the 2015 rotation.

As we've talked about before, there are two guys -- Yu Darvish and Derek Holland -- who are pretty well locks for the 2015 rotation, while Nick Tepesch seems to have an inside track on the #5 spot.  That still leaves two spots open, however, and needing to be filled.

From reading what the beat guys have been writing, there's some level of mutual interest in bringing Colby back for the 2015 season.  Colby has not pitched well this season -- he has a 5.44 ERA on the year, and he'll be 35 when next season starts.

On the flip side, Colby has pitched better as the season has gone on -- he has a 3.71 ERA in the second half -- and that coincides with being able to throw between starts, something he apparently wasn't doing early in the year.  Also, bringing Colby back could allow the Rangers to keep Tepesch at AAA as depth, giving them some insurance in case of an injury to someone in the rotation.

So let's assume the Rangers could bring Colby back on a cheap deal -- say, one year, $2 million guaranteed, with incentives that could make it worth $6 million if he is healthy and productive all season.  Would you want the Rangers to bring him back and put him in the 2015 rotation on such a deal?

Cast your vote below...