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Houston Astros have fired Bo Porter

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Manager Bo Porter has been fired by the Houston Astros

Jared Wickerham

The Houston Astros have fired their manager, Bo Porter.

While there has been a lot of speculation about Porter's future, with reports coming out recently about a schism between Porter and general manager Jeff Luhnow, the sentiment had been that Porter would finish out the season.  That apparently isn't the case.

This could end up impacting the Rangers, as bench coach Tim Bogar interviewed for the Astros bench coach job, but ended up not taking the job because they would have restricted him from interviewing for a managerial job with another team.  Bogar is someone who, I would guess, the Astros will interview for their vacant managerial job once the season is over.

Dave Trembley, the Astros' bench coach, was also fired, and Tom Lawless will be the interim manager.