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Wednesday Morning Links

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Your forum for The Great Ron Washington War of 2014.

Tom Pennington

Jeff Wilson says that change is afoot in the Ranger clubhouse and then intimates that the buzzards are circling Elvis Andrus because Luis Sardinas has had two starts in a row.

Four Rangers pitching prospects are on a field trip to the big club yesterday and today.

Wilson says that the Rangers face a long trip in the return to normalcy, failing to take the long view that historically being awful is normal for this team.

Interim manager Bogar went to the bullpen last night to try to keep the game close.  The bullpen said "you f**ked up, you trusted us."

Sullivan has an injury update, telling us that Engel Beltre's broken right leg is recovering but unfortunately he now has a stress fracture in his left leg, among other uplifting news.

Kevin Sherrington wants you to know: whatever the reason for Washington's departure, it's all on Wash.

Evan Grant's notes column celebrates another Josh Hamilton September injury.

Colby Lewis continues to make a strong case for 2015 by not being on the disabled list.

Calvin Watkins lists five key issues facing the Rangers, which is probably going to be a twenty-part series.

The Rangers will be opening the 2015 season in Oakland.

The Do It for Durrett event raised $200,000 for the benefit of Richard Durrett's family.

And, finally, here's a life pro tip: keep some large trash bags in your car.