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Texas Rangers rumors: Thad Levine candidate for the Arizona general manager position

Texas Rangers assistant general manager Thad Levine is a candidate for the Diamondbacks g.m. position, according to Jon Heyman


Texas Rangers rumors:  Thad Levine, the assistant general manager for the Texas Rangers, is a candidate for the vacant Arizona Diamondbacks' g.m. job, according to Jon Heyman:

Tony LaRussa is casting a wide net in looking for a new g.m. for the D-Backs, with Heyman noting there are 10 known candidates, including LaRussa's former ace, Dave Stewart.  So its premature to get too worked up over the possibility just yet.

That being said, the Rangers have already lost A.J. Preller to San Diego, where he is the new general manager, and Levine, generally considered to be the right hand man to g.m. Jon Daniels, would be a significant loss.  While I wouldn't say it is likely, I also wouldn't rule out the possibility of Daniels moving into the team president role, overseeing both baseball and business operations, that was reportedly offered to him prior to 2013, with Levine ascending to the Rangers' g.m. spot.