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Chris Davis suspended 25 games for amphetamine use

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The 2014 season has been awful for both Rangers and former Rangers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Davis, first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, has been suspended for 25 games for amphetamine use, according to MLB.

This ends a disastrous regular season for Davis, whose breakout 2013 campaign has been followed up by a .196/.300/.404 slash line in 2014.

Baltimore appears to be playoff bound, and per Joel Sherman on Twitter, Davis would miss the first eight games of the playoffs (if the Orioles have eight playoff games), since there are only 17 games left for Baltimore in the regular season.

Davis is a free agent after the 2015 season, and I'd speculated previously that he could conceivably be a non-tender candidate this offseason, given his struggles, and given he's likely looking at $12-15 million in arbitration.