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55-92 - Holland takes tomahawk to Braves fading playoff chances

The Rangers utilized another great outing by Derek Holland and a two-out 8th inning rally to best the Braves 2-1

What was missing
What was missing
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Watching Derek Holland deal again tonight just bummed me out that he hasn't been around most of this season. He's been great since he's returned and it makes me mournful that we can't just restart this season with him in the rotation. I figure things would look a lot different right now.

However, a big part of me is just pleased to have him back and show he can still be a top-flight starter in the American League because it makes me more excited for 2015 than I probably have any reason to be as the Rangers sit at 55-92. Knowing Derek Holland will back Yu Darvish at the top of the Rangers' rotation next year almost makes me sad that we won't have baseball for half a year in a couple of weeks even if I'm more than ready for this season to end.

P.S. Also, the Rangers won.

Player of the Game: Holland still hasn't allowed a walk since debuting this season. That's 21 innings without allowing a walk. He's struck out 17 hitters in his three starts. According to Anthony Andro, the only other Ranger to have three consecutive starts of seven innings or more without allowing a walk was Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins.

Derek Holland has just been fantastic. In fact, Holland has already been worth a full win above replacement in just three starts. That's the fourth best total for a pitcher on the Rangers over this entire season, and one of those people above him -- Joakim Soria -- hasn't been here since July.