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56-92 - Rangers have a winning streak! Thanks National League!

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For the first time since Aug. 24-25, the Rangers have won consecutive games

Grade A pratfall
Grade A pratfall
Brandon Wade

The Rangers spent most of the game getting no-hit by Julio Teheran but then Justin Upton butchered a ball in left and the Rangers put together a 3-run two-out rally -- including big RBI hits by Elvis Andrus and Roogie Odor -- in the 6th for a consecutive win against the contending Braves. I'm pretty sure the Rangers would be winning a division if they were in the National League.

Player of the Game: Lisalverto Bonilla went six innings of two-run ball to pick up a win in the first start of his career. And while that is very impressive, it was also against a National League team.