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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The number one source for laughing at the National League

Awful season regardless, it's nice to see them smile
Awful season regardless, it's nice to see them smile
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. After the Rangers finished sweeping the Braves yesterday, they get to enjoy their final off day of the season today. The sweep of Atlanta was the Rangers first home sweep since last September. To further humiliate the National League, the Rangers finished the 2014 Interleague docket with a record of 10-10.

Randy Jennings provided the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 10-3 shellacking of the Atlanta Braves.'s Dave Sessions recaps the Rangers' win which all but eliminated the Braves from serious playoff consideration. Imagine a scenario where last year, as the Rangers were trying to climb back into the playoff picture, Texas got swept by the Houston Astros. That's basically what the Braves managed to pull off this weekend.

Jeff Wilson's game story has the Rangers down as relishing the role of spoiler as the try to finish out the season on a strong note.

Anthony Andro writes, in a year of mostly only negatives, the Rangers had a weekend filled with positives (Though I'd argue the Rangers are picking the most inopportune time to decide to win games).

Since you don't win jobs by tanking, Sessions writes that Tim Bogar is playing to win games and believes the Rangers can finish strong against the AL West.'s Patrick Despain ponders if former Ranger, and current baseball media darling, Gabe Kapler would be a fit for a front office or coaching role on the Rangers.

Sessions notes that Michael Choice's disappointing debut Rangers season likely came to an end yesterday when he was helped off the field with a hamstring strain.

Stefan Stevenson has notes on Choice's injury, Lisalverto Bonilla earning another start, Nick Tepesch settling in, and various other items.

Lastly, the A's are dangling on the precipice of postseason oblivion and are so terrified of the spoilin' Rangers that they're shuffling their rotation to make sure their best starters go against Texas. (Or they're using an off day to set up their rotation for potential Wild Card match-ups. Whichever.)