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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The number one source for flubbing a perfectly good tank

Call 'im the anti-tank missile
Call 'im the anti-tank missile
Brandon Wade

Good morning. The Rockies lost again last night. The Rangers have transformed their 5 game lead in the reverse standings to a 1.5 game lead in just four days. Looks like the Rangers will have something to play (poorly) for after all.

In case you missed it:


Calvin Watkins notes that J.P. Arencibia tweeted the above pic of the Rangers hazing their rookies. How many can you name? (Answer: You can't name any of them. No one knows who these people are.)

Since there is so little going on today, I'll break my Fraley Rule to link this article he wrote about Ryan Rua possibly being the right-handed corner bench bat the Rangers have been searching for the last few years.

Randy Jennings writes about Colby Lewis enjoying a fine second half to finish the season strong after the long road back from cybernetic hip surgery.

In case you missed it pt. 2: T.R. Sullivan remembers names like Josh Wilson, Jake Smolinksi, Carlos Pena, and Mike Carp so you don't have to. Wait, who the hell is Brad Snyder?

In shocking news, a baseball writer complains that baseball games are 20 minutes longer than they were a long time ago surely making it terrible to watch baseball for a living.

Lastly,'s Michael Lananna previews tonight's road trip opener in Oakland as the Rangers look to get the final road trip of the season off on the right foot (hopefully by losing).