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Ron Washington resignation press conference

Ron Washington acknowledges being unfaithful to his wife in a statement he gave today.

Ed Zurga

Ron Washignton's resignation press conference is supposed to start at 1:30 this afternoon.  I will post updates and summaries of the press conference in this post as it goes forward.

UPDATE -- Someone just said we are "about two minutes away."

UPDATE -- Ron Washington is going to make a statement, and will not be taking questions.  Ron Washington is approaching the microphone.

UPDATE -- Ron Washington thanks everyone for coming.  "When you respect baseball, baseball respects you."  He says he made a mistake, and is embarrassed, more than he has ever been in his life.  When you put yourself in situations, you own it.

"I was not true to my wife, after 42 years.  I broke my trust.  I'm here today to own that mistake, and to apologize, to her, and to those I disappointed, and to those who trusted in me, and I let them down."

He's talking about how she's always stood by him.  He's now at a low point in his life.  He's disappointed his wife, his players, his coaches, major league baseball, and the Texas Rangers.  He asks for forgiveness and understanding.

He's asking that he and his wife's privacy be respected.  He thanks the Rangers for the experience and the opportunity to manage the Texas Rangers.  He is looking forward to the future, and to getting back into the game.

He thanks the Rangers fans, who he says have been good to him.  He says he will miss the fans, and the Metroplex.

And that is it.  He's done speaking.