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Friday morning Rangers things

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

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Good morning, everyone...

In his game story, Jeff Wilson takes shots at both the A's and their home park.

T.R. Sullivan's game story talks about the Rangers doing damage to the playoff hopes of other teams down the stretch.

Evan Grant writes that yesterday's win gave Tim Bogar a winning record as Ranger manager.

Overshadowing the Rangers' sweep was Ron Washington giving a public statement about his resignation Thursday afternoon.

Stefan Stevenson has a story on the Ron Washington statement.

Anthony Andro has a story on the Wash statement.

Calvin Watkins has a story on Ron Washington giving his statement.

Gil Lebreton has a column on Ron Washington's strange public statement yesterday.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that Ron Washington left a bunch of questions unanswered yesterday.

Jeff Passan was underwhelmed by Washington's performance yesterday, and says that, per sources, there's more to his resignation than what Washington copped to.

Of course, Ron Washington's departure means that the Rangers will be interviewing potential managers this offseason, and Evan Grant says that Michael Young is a potential option.

Ken Rosenthal also says that Michael Young could be the Rangers next manager, and while he acknowledges past conflict between Jon Daniels and Young, he says that's been smoothed over and would be a non-factor going forward.

Sullivan says that Rougned Odor belongs in the majors last season, even with Jurickson Profar returning from injury.

The S-T's notes talk about Jurickson Profar possibly being in AAA last year, Robbie Ross, and Lisalverto Bonilla.

Finally, someone named Shan Shariff is bringing the stupid on the Adrian Peterson deal, celebrating Peterson's situation as a way to get him to Dallas.  Some excerpts:

"Adrian Peterson is a monster."
"He’s just the same and maybe WORSE than Ray Rice."
"I don’t want a guy like that on my favorite team."

These are comments being made in every part of the country, but there’s less being made here in the great state of Texas. They are reportedly angry in Minnesota. They don’t view Peterson’s methods as a form of discipline. They view it as a form of abuse. The reaction is a mixture of outrage, anger and attack. The reaction HERE is a mixture of understanding, acceptance and debate. Adrian was raised in East Texas.

They just don’t understand AP like ‘we’ do.

‘We’ believe and practice corporal punishment. We got Whoopins, beatings, belts and switches administered like a bath at night. We agree and support your way of parenting Adrian. We get it, because it’s the way we grew up. Come back home and finish your HOF career here. We would welcome you with open arms like no one else in the country.

* * *

The salary cap hit is minimal and your fan base won’t revolt if you kick him out of Dodge. It’s freaking perfect!!