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Texas Rangers rumors: Tim Bogar "runaway favorite" to be the Rangers 2015 manager, per Bob Nightengale

USA Today's Bob Nightengale tweets that Tim Bogar is the "clear runaway favorite" to be the Rangers' manager next year

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors: Tim Bogar has impressed in his two-plus weeks as the Rangers' manager, and according to the USA Today's Bob Nightengale, we should expect to see him as the skipper of the Rangers next year, as well:

I wish Nightengale would have been a little clearer in his tweet, as it could be that he is saying that he believes, based on Bogar's performance to date, that Bogar is the favorite.  Or he could be saying that this is based on what he's hearing from sources, talking to the front office, what have you.

In any case, Bogar has, by all accounts, made a very good impression during his time as the team's interim manager, and would seem to have the inside track for the permanent job.  I have said before that I'll be very surprised if anyone other than Bogar or Steve Buechele end up managing the Rangers next year, and nothing has happened since to shift my view in that regard.