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Series Preview: Houston Astros @ Texas Rangers - You're Welcome

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The Rangers begin the final homestand of the season against the Houston Astros

lol he's short
lol he's short
Bob Levey

Series Schedule:

Monday, September 22 7:05: RHP Nick Tropeano vs. LHP Derek Holland

Tuesday, September 23 7:05: LHP Brett Oberholtzer vs. RHP Nick Martinez

Tuesday, September 24 7:05: RHP Scott Feldman vs. RHP Lisalverto Bonilla

The 2014 season is mercifully coming to an end with a seven game Fan Appreciation homestand beginning tonight with a three game series against the Astros. I figured I would get in the appreciation spirit and thank each member of the 2014 Rangers for their efforts this season.

  • Thank you Robinson Chirinos mostly for not being A.J. Pierzynski.
  • Thank you Prince Fielder for making obnoxious Rangers fans pretend they really liked Ian Kinsler.
  • Thank you Rougned Odor for showing Ian Kinsler really isn't that far away.
  • Thank you Elvis Andrus for giving the morning links comments section participants something to do every day.
  • Thank you Adrian Beltre. No, seriously. Thanks.
  • Thank you Shin-Soo Choo for playing hard every single day even though you shouldn't have been.
  • Thank you Leonys Martin for the cannon, the helium voice, and for living up to the contract.
  • Thank you Alex Rios for making the Rangers' decision on you this winter an easy one.
  • Thank you Mitch Moreland for showing a glimpse of your future as a big league closer.
  • Thank you Michael Choice for saving the earth by living close enough to jog to the park.
  • Thank you J.P. Arencibia for drawing a walk on Opening Day against Cliff Lee.
  • Thank you Dan Robertson for ruining Evan Grant's twitter feed.
  • Thank you Adam Rosales for ruining a perfectly good attempt at succeeding by failing.
  • Thank you Donnie Murphy for making sure we wouldn't miss David Murphy too much.
  • Thank you Chris Gimenez for saving us from J.P. Arencibia over the summer.
  • Thank you Luis Sardinas for giving Tim Bogar something to believe in.
  • Thank you Jim Adduci for showing there's only one Craig Gentry.
  • Thank you Ryan Rua, now get a haircut.
  • Thank you Josh Wilson for beating the A's that one time.
  • Thank you Jake Smolinski, now get a haircut.
  • Thank you Tomas Telis for year one of a dozen as the back-up backstop.
  • Thank you Kevin Kouzmanoff for being the team MVP.
  • Thank you Mike Carp for that week you were here. I don't know.
  • Thank you Geovany Soto for bringing Texas one step closer to making it legal.
  • Thank you Brad Snyder for...who are you again?
  • Thank you Guilder Rodriguez for being a happy baseball story in a season with very few of those.

  • Thank you Yu Darvish for putting up with us.
  • Thank you Colby Lewis for being a Texas Ranger.
  • Thank you Nick Martinez for surviving.
  • Thank you Robbie Ross Jr. for marrying up.
  • Thank you Martin Perez for...why'd it gotta be you, 'teen. ;_;
  • Thank you Miles Mikolas for being the Lizard King.
  • Thank you Nick Tepesch for developing into a legitimate No. 5 starter option.
  • Thank you Scott Baker. If anyone deserves a pat on the back, it's you for absorbing the losses all season.
  • Thank you Aaron Poreda for not being Michael Kirkman.
  • Thank you Michael Kirkman for not being Aaron Poreda.
  • Thank you Jon Edwards for smiling.
  • Thank you Matt West for hopefully not getting a haircut.
  • Thank you Joe Saunders for nothing.
  • Thank you Jason Frasor for hopefully getting in a playoff game for KC.
  • Thank you Daniel McCutchen for helping everyone to stop spelling Andrew McCutchen's name with an 'o'.
  • Thank you Ben Rowen for being different.
  • Thank you Neftali Feliz for getting it back.
  • Thank you Hector Noesi for...oh yeah, you were here.
  • Thank you Seth Rosin for making me think of Juan Gonzalez.
  • Thank you Pedro Figueroa for saving us from Michael Kirkman.
  • Thank you Roman Mendez for ten scoreless innings to begin your big league career.
  • Thank you Spencer Patton for reminding us of Jason Frasor both literally and sentimentally.
  • Thank you Lisalverto Bonilla for forever being a trivia answer.
  • Thank you Jerome Williams for beating the A's.
  • Thank you Tanner Scheppers for hopefully ending the reliever-to-starter experiments.
  • Thank you Ryan Feierabend for being the moment I knew the Rangers were terrible.
  • Thank you Joakim Soria for Jake Thompson.
  • Thank you Alex Claudio for that changeup.
  • Thank you Matt Harrison. Sorry about baseball.
  • Thank you Nathan Adcock for being the other moment I knew the Rangers were terrible and embraced it.
  • Thank you Neal Cotts for 2013.
  • Thank you Derek Holland for coming back with Briggs Berry's story.
  • Thank you Shawn Tolleson for nothing, jerk. You were supposed to deliver us Clayton Kershaw!
  • Thank you Phil Irwin for making it possible for there to be a good Phil.
  • Thank you Phil Klein for being the good Phil.
  • Thank you Justin Germano for...who?
  • Thank you Alexi Ogando for going off on some sort of spiritual journey. No, but seriously, where is Alexi Ogando?


Houston Astros (69-87, 4th Place in AL West)

Rangers' Record vs. Houston: 5-11 (2-4 at The Ballpark)

Houston's Recent Results: 2-1 Home series win against the Seattle Mariners

Houston's Road Record: 31-44

The Ballpark Park Factors (LHB/RHB): HR: 108/91 - Runs: 112/104

SB Nation Astros Blog: The Crawfish Boxes

Questions to Answer:

  • Will Guilder Rodriguez get his first Major League hit in this series?
  • Who is your Return of the McLemore Approved Player to Watch in this series? (Lisalverto Bonilla hasn't been too bad as a starter in his trial this month.)
  • Over/Under: 100.5 hits by Dan Robertson, Adam Rosales, and Jake Smolinski in their big league careers combined after this season?
  • What's your guess for line (IP/H/K/BB/ER) by Derek Holland tonight as he continues to show us what we've been missing this season?
  • Yea or Nay: Will the Rangers take the Boot back in 2015?