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Michael Young, Texas Rangers manager? Not in 2015...

Evan Grant reports that Michael Young will not be the Rangers manager in 2015

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Young, Texas Rangers manager?

Not in 2015, apparently.  According to Evan Grant, Young met with Jon Daniels today, and after meeting with Daniels, decided he was going to withdraw from consideration for the team's managerial job in 2015.

Young had been mentioned as a candidate, and if he wanted the job, it would have put the front office in an awkward spot, p.r.-wise.  Given the departure of Nolan Ryan at the end of last season, Ron Washington's odd and abrupt resignation a couple of weeks ago, and the disastrous 2014 campaign, rejecting Young, had he wanted to manage, would have been a major public relations black eye.

With Young out of the mix, Tim Bogar and Steve Buechele would seem to be the two top candidates.  Jon Daniels said earlier today that he hoped to have a permanent manager in place before the end of October.