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65-93 - Rangers sweep Astros for third sweep in four series

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The Rangers finish the season 8-11 against the Astros which seems even more embarrassing now that they won't collect the top draft pick

Have we talked about how handsome Tim Bogar is yet?
Have we talked about how handsome Tim Bogar is yet?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I would bet my life savings that the Rangers would win the pennant if they were let in the playoffs.

Think about it. No team in baseball is hotter than the Rangers right now. Among the AL playoff contenders, the Tigers can't buy a 1-2-3 9th inning. Cory Rasmus is in the Angels' playoff rotation. Chris Tillman is the Orioles' postseason ace. The A's are like 1-for September. The Royals have kept a miserable Mariners team in the race until the last week of the season. Put the Rangers in, Bud. They might be the American League's only chance.

Player of the Game: About the only pleasant thing about Texas' annual September choke job this year is it has made me pretty confident that Roogie Odor and Ryan Rua are big leaguers. Lisalverto Bonilla made a pretty compelling case, as well. In fact, Bonilla is now the first Ranger ever to win his first three big league starts. I dare 2014 to stop being weird.