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Texas Rangers rumors: Yasmani Tomas scouting report

Kiley McDaniel has a write-up (with video) on Cuban defector Yasmani Tomas, who the Rangers are scouting

Chung Sung-Jun

Texas Rangers rumors:  Yasmani Tomas scouting report.

Cuban defector Yasmani Tomas is a 23 year old outfielder who is expected to be declared a free agent in the coming weeks.  He had a private workout for the Texas Rangers yesterday, and they are among the teams that are reportedly interested in signing him.

Over at FanGraphs, Kiley McDaniel has a scouting report on Tomas, along with video, that you can check out.  He is considered to be not as good as Jose Abreu, who the Rangers pursued unsuccessfully last season, but is thought of as a potential 2-3 win player.  Given his age and power, McDaniel thinks a $10-15 million annual salary for 6-7 years is reasonable, and he says that there are rumors Tomas has already been offered $90 million.