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Keith Law chat includes Rangers stuff

Keith Law had a chat session today that includes several items of interest for Rangers fans

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law had a chat session at ESPN today, and he answered several questions that would be of interest to Rangers fans.

There are a couple of questions in regards to Jurickson Profar, with Law pointing out that Profar's future is cloudy not just because of the questions surrounding his shoulder, but also the impact that losing a full year of development at a young age has.

There's also a Nick Williams question.  I'll let you check it out for yourselves.

And then there's an Evan Gattis item, which I'm mentioning mainly because of the discussions here of late about whether Gattis is someone the Rangers should have interest in, or should target.  Suffice it to say that Law seems to view Gattis as a bench guy, not a potential starter at an offense-first position like DH or 1B.

Anyway, a lot of good stuff there...check it out...