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Today's lineup -- The Return of Jim Adduci

Jim Adduci returns to the Ranger lineup today after missing a month with a concussion

Bob Levey

On August 28, Jim Adduci made a great diving play on a ball in foul territory in the fifth inning against the Astros, banging his head in the process.  He looked, at the time, like he was okay, but was lifted from the game anyway.

Adduci ended up going on the 7 day concussion d.l. as a result of that play, and has been sidelined since then because of the concussion he suffered.

Tim Bogar had said he wanted to get Adduci in the lineup before the season was over, and has done so today, with Adduci DHing and batting 7th.

The full lineup:

Leonys -- CF

Elvis -- SS

Rougned -- 2B

Beltre -- 3B

Smolinski -- RF

Rua -- LF

Adduci -- DH

Chirinos -- C

Rosales -- 1B

Derek Holland starts for the Rangers against Jeff Samardzija.