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Texas Rangers rumors: Tim Bogar, Steve Buechele, Mike Maddux to interview for manager job

Jon Daniels said today he will interview Tim Bogar, Steve Buechele and Mike Maddux, as well as several outside candidates, for the team's managerial job

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Tim Bogar, Steve Buechele and Mike Maddux will all interview for the Rangers' managerial job, per Jon Daniels today (via the beat guys on Twitter).  In addition, Daniels will interview several (4-5, apparently) outside candidates.

Bogar took over as the interim manager when Ron Washington resigned early in September, and at this point, he has to be seen as the heavy favorite for the job.  He was considered an up-and-coming managerial candidate when the Rangers hired him before the season, and the Rangers played extremely well for him once he took over as interim manager, going 14-8 in his 22 games at the helm.

Daniels also said, per the beat guys on Twitter, that Buechele had a phone interview for the Houston Astros manager job.

With Daniels having said that he wants the Rangers to have a permanent manager in place by late October, I expect we'll end up with a press conference announcing Bogar as the manager within the next 3-4 weeks.