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Wednesday Morning Links

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

So the big story yesterday was the return of the Derek Holland, which is sort of like Return of the King but somehow even more homoerotic.

Katy Clark has a postgame wrapup over at WFAA.

Kate Morrison has a minor league mailbag.

Jackson Alexander also has a postgame wrapup, which includes some quotes from Holland and Washington.

Alexander also has a notebook column, where we get the happy news that the Rangers set an MLB record when Derek Holland became the 60th player to make an appearance this season.

Evan Grant says that Holland's good outing is encouraging, and has a breakdown of last night's game.

Grant notes that the team will be going to a six man rotation, at least temporarily, to give Robbie Ross another opportunity to start.

Joey Gallo lost the minor league home run crown to Kris Bryant, who finished with 43 home runs to Gallo's 42.