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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for feeling strange when thinking about how the Rangers are not even remotely involved in the October baseball this year

>tfw today's links are filled with "2014 season review" columns
>tfw today's links are filled with "2014 season review" columns
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Who is ready for wild and crazy postseason action tonight?! What's that? It's Royals vs A's? Well then. Who's ready for a really boring game of baseball that no one would watch if it were played in May?

T.R. Sullivan was forced to think about the 2014 Rangers once more as he reviews a season that began with injuries, had more injuries sprinkled throughout, had the mysterious departure of the beloved manager, and ended up being a prolonged sports boner killer.

Jeff Wilson has a laundry list of things that Jon Daniels needs to accomplish this offseason in order to return the Rangers to full on turgid glory.

Sullivan's offseason primer looks at where everyone on the roster stands and how the positions shape up as we head for a long winter.

Evan Grant has a piece wondering if Tim Bogar did enough in his trial run to get the full job with the Rangers and includes how Bogar stacks up vis-à-vis the qualities JD will be looking for in his next manager.

Calvin Watkin reports that the Rangers are in contract talks with Colby Lewis and are looking to get a deal done with him quickly.

(Just bring back Colby, tandem start the Nicks, sign Brandon McCarthy, sign Melky Cabrera, replace the entire medical staff, and call it an offseason. Done. You're welcome, JD.)

Anthony Andro totally could have helped you out on that Sporcle quiz as he ranks all 64 Texas Rangers in 2014 from No. 1 Adrian Beltre to No. 64 Daniel McCutchen.

Watkins writes about Joey Gallo spending some time in the outfield at the Fall Instructional League this month as the Rangers look to give Gallo an additional path to the big leagues.

Did you know that former Ranger prospect Edinson Volquez -- the 'V' of the vaunted DVD (Danks/Volquez/Diamond) mid-Aughts pitching trio -- will make the start for the Pirates in their one-game Wild Card play-in game? Weird, wild stuff.

Lastly, besides our man Chuck Morgan stopping by, here's the best thing on SB Nation right now:

'Are you that stupid?' Mill Street Bistro in Four Acts: The two-hour odyssey of Joe Nagy's vanity, failures, and humiliations by Jon Bois.