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Thursday Morning Links

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Is the season over yet?

Ed Zurga

WFAA recaps last night's game, saying that Nick Tepesch was better than his line.

T.R. Sullivan recapped the game, as well, noting that the Rangers had baserunners but were 1-15 with runners in scoring position.

According to Adam Lewis' notebook column, we can go ahead and stop tuning in because Darvish probably isn't returning this season..

I'm not sure if the Myrtle Beach manager engages in these colorful antics when ejected genuinely or if it's a bit.  However, while it may make for quite the spectacle, can you imagine what a beating this guy would be in real life?  If he was your buddy, and this is what you had to deal with every time you disagreed on toppings for your pizza or which movie the two of you were going to go watch?

Frisco had a poor tunrout for their Texas League playoff opener against the Midland RockHounds, but Chuck Greenberg says he will be marketing the AA postseason more heavily next season.

Before Ryan Rua drove in Elvis Andrus last night, the Rangers were 0-20 over two nights with runners in scoring position.

Evan Grant has an update on the Yu Darvish situation, as all of us pray that the 2014 Wheel of Misfortune does not land on the dreaded "TJ."  Grant also has a recap and breakdown of last night's loss.

He also has a scouting report for the Ross - Elias matchup today.

Ron Washington was on 105.3 yesterday and offered a concise and well-thought out analysis of the Ukraine crisis and also some observations about Derek Holland's start.

The Rangers prospects in the Dominican Summer League have won their league championship.

Spokane may not have any home games in their league playoffs because their park is hosting the Spokane County Interstate Fair.  I don't know what that is, but there's probably fair trade coffee and flannel involved.

Yu Darvish will be losing money from his roster bonus for each day he's on the DL for the remainder of the season, as he just spent day 31 on the DL.

And finally, the oldest Neanderthal rock engraving to date has been found in Gibraltar and turns out to be a paleolithic tic tac toe game.