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53-87 - Rangers honor NFL season opener, allow touchdown & field goal

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Sure the Rangers got pummeled 10-2, but at least we got to see Vic Carapazza get nailed in the junk

Tom Pennington

Lazy baseball writer compares high scoring baseball game to football score. News at 11:00.

(Lazy writer uses "News at 11:00" joke.)

Dubious history alert: The Rangers have now used 63 players this season. That's a Major League record.

Player of the Game: Spencer Patton -- the player the Rangers acquired in the Jason Frasor trade -- made his MLB debut tonight and went two scoreless innings with a strikeout.

Additionally, Lisalverto Bonilla -- the guy the Rangers acquired from the Phillies for Michael Young -- made MLB debut and he allowed a run in three innings of work. He also hit home plate umpire Vic Carapazza in the nuts on the first pitch of his big league career. It was possibly the best debut of all time.