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Ron Washington has resigned as Texas Rangers manager

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Per the beat writers on Twitter, Ron Washington as resigned as the Rangers manager

Ed Zurga

Ron Washington has resigned as the Texas Rangers' manager, per the beat writers on Twitter, to attend to "personal matters."

Tim Bogar has been named the team's interim manager.


Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

This is shocking.

I've got nothing right now.

More on this as information becomes available.

UPDATE --  I'm floored.  And knowing what I know about Ron Washington, for him to step away at this juncture, there has to be something serious and significant going on.  I hope all is well with him and his family.

I also have to say that I'm very sad about this.  I've gone back and forth about Ron Washington over the years...he frustrates me in terms of his in-game managing, but his players love him, those who have been around him think highly of him, and he seems like a genuinely good person.  When I get frustrated with Wash, I think back on the leaked tape of his Game 7, 2011, pre-game clubhouse speech, and when I think of that, I always want Wash to be my team's manager forever, warts and all.

He's not the best manager ever, but he was our manager, the guy who led the best teams in Ranger history, and I will always love Wash for that.

UPDATE II -- Here's the full statement from Ron Washington:

"Today, I have submitted my resignation from the job I love - managing the Rangers - in order to devote my full attention to addressing an off-the-field personal matter.   As painful as it is, stepping away from the game is what's best for me and my family.

"This is in no way related to the disappointing performance of the team this season. We were already discussing 2015 and looking forward to getting the Rangers back to postseason contention.

"I deeply regret that I've let down the Rangers organization and our great fans. Over the past eight seasons, it's been a privilege to be part of some of the best years in club history and I will always be grateful for the opportunities I've had here, and for the great management, players, and coaches who have made our time here a success. Thank you for respecting my privacy."

UPDATE III -- Per Jim Bowden, this is not substance-related: