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Ron Washington resignation press conference

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Notes from the press conference with Jon Daniels, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis announcing that Ron Washington has resigned

Tom Pennington

I'm not able to watch or listen to the press conference, but am summarizing based on the tweets that are coming from the beat guys...

JD says that they intended for Ron Washington to return in 2015.  This is not drug-related, but has to do with an off-the-field issue.  They've known about the issue and been talking with Wash for a few weeks about this, and he informed them of his decision this morning.

JD is being described as emotional...Calvin Watkins says he seems "devastated," and Ben Rogers says it seems like JD has been crying.

That being said, the consensus seems to be that there's a lot of talking, but not much being said substantively.  We still don't know what is going on with Ron Washington that led him to do this, other than it is off-field and not drug or substance related.