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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

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Good morning, everyone.

This is the first morning links post of the post-Ron Washington era.  It was almost eight years ago when Buck was fired...LSB was around, but we had many, many fewer comments on Buck's departure, because LSB was much, much smaller back then.  (Also, check out the comments there for z's prescient Gregg Williams comment).

The Wash news dominates the local links today, of course.

Jeff Wilson has a story on Wash's resignation, with embedded videos of players talking about it.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on Wash's resignation, as well.

Calvin Watkins has a story on Wash's resignation.

Anthony Andro has a story up on Wash's resignation.  He also talks about how baseball won't be the same without Washington.

Gerry Fraley has a story about the resignation of Ron Washington.

Calvin Watkins writes about the players reactions to Wash's departure.

Evan Grant writes that Wash's departure may be best for the Rangers going forward.

Richard Justice has a column on Wash's legacy as Rangers manager being his loyalty.

Matt Mosley says in a column on the departure that Wash leaving is sad and shocking.

Jean-Jacques Taylor has a column on Ron Washington and what he meant to the Rangers.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column on the mystery of Wash's departure.

Mac Engel is peddling conspiracy theories, quoting Randy Galloway, and using Wash's departure to bash Jon Daniels while advancing his and Galloway's usual agenda when it comes to the Rangers, suggesting that Wash is really leaving because he's tired of JD's interference.  Put on your tin foil hats and make sure the Illuminati isn't watching when you read this column...

Stefan Stevenson has a story on Tim Bogar ascending to the role of interim manager.  Sullivan also has a Tim Bogar, interim manager, story.

Tim Bogar says he wants to get Luis Sardinas in the field as much as possible the rest of the way.

Watkins has a story about the Rangers now needing to start a search for a new manager.

Sullivan's game story talks about the M's homer barrage leading them to a victory over the Rangers.

Watkins has a Rapid Reaction to yesterday's 7-5 loss.

The S-T combined the game story from yesterday's 7-5 loss and their notes piece into one article today.