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Yu Darvish officially shut down for remainder of 2014 season

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So that's now a billion games missed by players this season for the Rangers

See ya next year
See ya next year
Jason Miller

Because there's no real reason to ramp Yu Darvish up to make a couple of starts at the end of the year for the worst team in baseball, and possibly risk something worse than inflammation, the Rangers have officially announced that Darvish's season is over.

This is clearly the right call, in my opinion. Despite calls from the local media proclaiming Darvish a quitter, there are real baseball reasons to avoid having Darvish pitch again this season. There would be nothing gained from having Darvish fight to come back the last week of the season. Arm injuries are scary. Get healthy, Yu and we'll see you in 2015.

Anthony Andro has a bit of video of GM Jon Daniels' presser on the news: