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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The number one source for hoping everyone has a great time at the Do It For Durrett event

When will it stop being weird?
When will it stop being weird?
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. You know, as bad as the Rangers have been this season, at least they have 54 more wins than the Cowboys. (What's that? They have 88 more losses? Shut up. No one asked you.)

Calvin Watkins provided the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 1-0 win over the Seattle Mariners. With 16 shutouts this season, the Rangers are now two shutouts from tying their all-time season high of 18 set in 2011. The Rangers have lost 89 games but have nearly tossed the most shutouts in a season in team history. What?

T.R. Sullivan's game story focuses on Derek Holland collecting his first win in 2014 and Tim Bogar collecting the first win of his managerial career.

Jeff Wilson writes that Holland was excellent yesterday as the Rangers finished off a season series win against the contending Mariners.

Anthony Andro has a piece on Holland's afternoon and concludes that Holland's return is exactly what the Rangers need to inspire hope for the 2015 season.

Sullivan notes that with Miles Mikolas sidelined, Scott Baker will remain in the rotation as the No. 5 starter.'s Katy Clarke writes an ode to newly promoted minor league lifer Guilder Rodriguez. It's a nice story. Baseball needs nice stories. We'll have more from Tepid later today about Guilder's ascent.

Jeff Passan uses his 10 Degrees column this week to tell you nerds to quiet down with citing your WAR stat as gospel. Then again, Adrian Beltre is 7th in baseball in bWAR this year!!

Dale Hansen says, after all we went through with Ron Washington, we deserve to know why he left and why it happened so abruptly.

Watkins has notes on Leonys Martin getting more time against LHP, Robbie Ross getting bumped out of the rotation, various injury updates and more.

Stefan Stevenson's notes cover Rodriguez's journey to the big leagues, more playing time for Luis Sardinas down the stretch, and various other items.

Lastly, Sullivan writes about the Rangers, the sports world, and the entertainment world coming together for tonight's Do It For Durrett benefit event at Billy Bob's Texas. You can find out more and still get tickets at