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54-90 - Guilder leaves mark on 90-loss Rangers, Texas gets stomped

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After four straight seasons of 90+ wins, the Rangers reach the dubious mark of 90 losses

Unfortunately, this is the game Guilder will always remember
Unfortunately, this is the game Guilder will always remember
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after over one thousand games in the minor leagues, Guilder Rodriguez made his MLB debut. These are the moments that make a terrible season tolerable for those still watching. Unfortunately for Guilder, he struck out three times in four at-bats (with a walk) and the Rangers lost by a ton to lose their 90th game.

But, hey, he made it! Guilder Rodriguez will have his own Baseball-Reference page and everything! This is one Moonlight Graham that makes you smile.

Player of the Game: If you just saw the score you probably rolled your eyes and thought, "Colby Lewis must have gotten hit around against the Angels again..." However, after allowing a lead-off home run, Colby went seven innings without allowing an earned run before the bullpen came in and imploded in the 8th. Overall, though, allowing two runs in seven innings against a team that has averaged over nine runs per game during their six-game winning streak is a positive.

Another positive for every day: Adrian Beltre is still a Texas Ranger.