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2015 Hopes and Dreams (Minor League Edition)

Bullet Points!!! Exclamation Marks!!!

G-Rod because anything is possible!!!
G-Rod because anything is possible!!!
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

...this started as a series of tweets, then I realized I'd rather open this can here than there. So here:

In 2015, I hope to see more...

-stolen bases.



-home runs.

-deep counts,

-and aggressive hitters.

-advanced defense from Jorge Alfaro.

-baseball skills from Jairo Beras.

-Marcos Diplan.

-of Jake Thompson's promising curveball.

-changeups from Jerad Eickhoff.

-pure stuff from anyone on the Hickory or High Desert rosters.

-new uniforms and other goodies in Frisco.

-minor league pitchers who can use a decent move to chase a runner back to first base.

-people at minor league games.

-Yohander Mendez.

-of my main man, Adam Morris, standing next to me, during a Frisco batting practice assault session.

-folks just admitting and understanding High Desert is what it is and we're there for 2 years.

-deep breaths and an easier swing load from Travis Demeritte.

-games in person at Round Rock's excellent park.

-guys folks didn't think could, take another big step forward. (Ahem, Ruuuaaaahhh)

-awkward swings from opposing hitters.

-of Josh Morgan, whom I keep hearing can really hit.

-walks from the kid from Galveston.

-consistency at the plate from Hanser Alberto.

-contact up in the zone from Joey Gallo.

-pitchers who accidentally leave the ball down in the zone against Joey Gallo.

-credit given to scouts who find big leaguers in the late rounds.

-aggressiveness from Luke Jackson.

-of what I saw at the end of the season from Keone Kela.

-patience with Chi Chi, because he'll reward us all for it.

-overall development from Chris Garia, because of his 1 unteachable, 80-grade tool.


-Michael Gruber appearances in Frisco.

-people learning Jose Leclerc's name.

-of Will Lamb and Jimmy Reyes in a big league uniform.

-Brett Nicholas.

-Texas Rangers who are paid to be really good at baseball, be really good at baseball.

-people with their kids and friends sitting behind home plate at a minor league game quasi-freaking out when a professional pitcher throws a really nasty breaking pitch and they see the ball whip down and sideways with their own eyes.

-people with their kids and friends sitting behind home plate at a minor league game...for $20 a ticket.

-Hickory Crawdads t-shirts and hats prowling the concourse at Globe Life Park.

-of you.

In 2015, I hope to see less...


Happy New Year, Everybody! Baseball's Almost Back!

Love Ya!