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Wednesday Morning Links

Okay, so the links are late. This is what happened: rogue clones

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


The Rangers have finalized the roving minor league instructors.

Evan Grant says that Ryan Rua has a wide open path to the majors.

Former Blue Jays coach Dwayne Murphy will be the Rangers' minor league outfield coordinator.

Oh, Carlos Peguero has great power but strikeout problems? Guess what team absolutely loves that!

That's right... Peguero's wife is the one who used Felix Hernandez's wife's credit card to make $200,000 worth of purchases at Saks and Nordstroms.

Ross Detweiler, Neftaili Feliz and Mitch Moreland filed for arbitration yesterday, and the Rangers are hopeful that they will once again avoid any arbitration hearings.

And, finally, we're one step closer to the world where the clones rise up and kill us all, as scientists have grown skeletal muscle in the lab which responds to external stimuli just like native tissue.