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Houston Astros acquire Evan Gattis from Atlanta Braves

The Houston Astros get catcher/left fielder Evan Gattis from the Atlanta Braves for a package of prospects

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have acquired catcher/left fielder Evan Gattis from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for minor league righthanded pitcher Michael Foltynewicz, minor league third baseman Rio Ruiz, and minor league pitcher Andrew Thurman.

Gattis was someone that the Rangers were reportedly linked to earlier in the offseason, but the Braves were asking for players like Chi Chi Gonzalez and Nomar Mazara in such a deal, and the Rangers, understandably, were not interested in parting with a package like that for Gattis, who seems to profile as a platoon DH/LF type.

The Astros obviously think he's more than that, however...Foltynewicz is a guy who can dial his fastball up to 100 mph, and Ruiz is a well-regarded young third base prospect.  Foltynewicz was 3rd in the Baseball America Astros top 10 prospect list, and Ruiz was ranked 8th on the BA Astros list.

This is an impressive haul for the Braves, and a move I don't quite get for the Astros.