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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone.  With the conference championship games on today, it looks like folks decided to focus on that and not on Rangers stories today.

Evan Grant has Joey Gallo and Jorge Alfaro as the #1 and #2 prospects in the Rangers system, although interestingly, Evan seems to have Alfaro as someone who is more likely to be dealt than we'd expect, pegging him as someone who has a good chance of being used to front a big trade.  Alfaro has, of course, been generally considered untouchable for the past few years.

Buster Olney says Texas has the 10th best infield in baseball, although he says that ranking could turn out to be "absurdly low" if Prince Fielder bounces back with a strong 2015.

Nick Cafardo says that the Rangers are among the teams on the periphery for James Shields.  With reports indicating that Shields' price could drop to four years, $70-80 million, at that price, the Rangers could possibly become players, especially if Shields is willing to backload his deal.

That's about it this morning.