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Texas Rangers rumors: Yovani Gallardo trade talk swirls, but no confirmation yet

No announcement is expected today in regards to a Yovani Gallardo to Texas trade

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Yovani Gallardo may be getting dealt to Texas, but there's been no confirmation yet, and there's a lot of mystery surrounding the situation.

Here's what we know so far...

Ken Rosenthal first broke the news that Gallardo was "on the verge" of being dealt to Texas.

Jerry Crasnick has since confirmed that the Rangers are close to a deal for Gallardo.

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers aren't announcing a Gallardo trade today, and "aren't even sure about Monday," which could mean that they aren't sure if a trade will happen, or that the details that have to be worked out won't be resolved by tomorrow.

Wilson also says a Rangers source told him last week that Texas had talked to the Brewers about Gallardo.

T.R. Sullivan, meanwhile, says that, not only are the Rangers not planning on announcing a deal today, but Gallardo hasn't been informed that he's being traded.

Just reading between the lines, you get the sense that a deal is going to get done, but everything isn't finalized yet.  That could be because the Rangers have to get ownership to sign off on taking on the salary.  That could be because medical records are being reviewed.  That could be because the Rangers are going to want Gallardo to undergo a physical before they consummate the deal.  That could be because the Brewers are deciding who, out of a group of prospects they could pick from, they want to take in the deal.  Or it could be that the Rangers, or Brewers, don't want to make the announcement while everyone is watching football.

It is interesting that no one seems to have any idea who is going to Milwaukee in this alleged deal.  There's a fair amount of speculation about who the Rangers would be willing to give up, or who the Brewers would want, or who would make sense, but there's no one saying that they are hearing that any particular player is going to Milwaukee as part of this trade.

In any case...there's a ton of smoke, and I have to think there's some fire, but it isn't exactly clear what that fire is.  So we'll have to try to be patient and see what develops...