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Yovani Gallardo, Texas Ranger: Brewers get Sardinas, Knebel and Diplan

The Rangers deal for Yovani Gallardo is reportedly done, with Luis Sardinas, Corey Knebel and Marcos Diplan going to Milwaukee

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yovani Gallardo is a Texas Ranger, as the trade is reportedly done, per multiple reports on Twitter.

Going to Milwaukee in the deal are shortstop Luis Sardinas, relief pitcher Corey Knebel, and pitcher Marcos Diplan.

Sardinas, 21, is a switch-hitting shortstop who has the defensive chops to be an everyday player, but who has had questions about his bat and his health.

Knebel, 23, is a Texas native who was a first round pick out of UT in the 2013 draft by the Detroit Tigers, and who came over to the Rangers in the Joakim Soria deal.  He missed the end of the 2014 season due to elbow issues.

Diplan, 18, was part of the Rangers' big 2013 J-2 class, and was considered one of the jewels of that signing class.  he spent the 2014 season pitching for the Rangers' Dominican Summer League team.

This is a bigger haul for Milwaukee than I would have expected.  Sardinas is a guy who you figured was likely to go in a deal for pitching this winter, but giving up both him and Knebel, a fairly well regarded relief prospect, with Diplan included in the mix, is more than I would have thought Texas would part with; however, the Brewers are apparently sending cash to the Rangers as part of this deal, which helps explain why the prospect package is better than you would have thought.

Diplan is the guy who tips this one over into the wincing category for me.  He may never amount to anything, but there were a lot of really good reports on him, and he's someone who could come in a hurry, and be really good in the future.

Knebel is a really good relief arm in a system full of guys who look like they can be really good relief arms, and Sardinas was a guy who pretty much needed to be traded.  I'd have liked for Diplan not to be in the deal, though the likelihood is he won't ever end up mattering.

Regardless, at the end of the day, the Rangers got a guy they think can be a solid #3 starter, didn't give up anyone expected to be a significant contributor in 2015, and even end up with an open 40 man roster spot as part of the deal.  Seems like a reasonable trade all around.

UPDATE -- Per Jeff Wilson, the Brewers are sending $4 million in cash to Texas in this deal.