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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest Texas Rangers and much needed MORP news

Profar. What have they done to you?
Profar. What have they done to you?

Good morning. Who's ready for the Yu-Yo-Ho-Co Ro? After the Rangers and Brewers had a deal in place for Yovani Gallardo in the realm of Twitter rumors for days, it already seems like Gallardo has been a Ranger for a while. How old hat. Stop being lazy, JD. Bring us Cole Hamels and Justin Upton.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers finally acquired the innings eater for the middle of the rotation that they've been after all offseason in Gallardo.

Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers yelled "Cannonball!" and jumped in the offseason pool to make a splash to improve the team.

Jeff Wilson has the details of the trade with the Rangers sending right-handed pitchers Corey Knebel and Marcos Diplan and infielder Luis Sardinas to Milwaukee. The Rangers will pay Gallardo $10 million for the season and then he becomes a free agent.

Sullivan writes that the Fort Worth native Gallardo is excited to come home and pitch for the Rangers.'s Pat Doney has a video interview with Gallardo with Gallardo wearing an impressive shirt.

After spending the early parts of the offseason complaining that the Rangers weren't doing anything all the time, Calvin Watkins writes that the fans learned a valuable lesson in patience with these Texas Rangers.

Tracy Ringolsby and Tracy Ringolsby's hat think that the Rangers made a smart move to acquire Gallardo.

The DMN has the unfiltered reaction from the national baseball twitterverse on the deal. Here's the best one:

Speaking of, as Michael Clair of MLB Cut4 notes, the Rangers not only acquired a MORP, they also acquired a slugger. The Rangers will be in good hands at the plate with Gallardo and Colby Lewis during Interleague games.

Our pals at Disciples of Uecker write about the trade from the Brewers' perspective and hold a Q&A session with Adam for his take on the deal.

R.J. Anderson and Mark Anderson of Baseball Prospectus provide their analysis on the trade with the Rangers opting for durability after 2014's disaster.

MLB Pipeline updated the Rangers' Top 20 prospects list after the trade. Out: Knebel and Diplan, In: Jerad Eickhoff and Josh Morgan.

D.J. Short notes that in an alternate universe, the Rangers acquired Cole Hamels instead of Gallardo. In our own universe, the Rangers chose the less expensive, less 420BLAZEITYOLOSWAGMONEY2015 path.

Watkins writes that Jurickson Profar is set to begin a throwing program after a lost year of multiple shoulder tears and endless rehab. Pray for Profar.

Finally, the reanimated human remains of Bud Selig went to St. Louis and said that these people reside in the best baseball city in America.

Have a nice day.