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Wednesday Morning Links

Hey, we acquired Gonzalez Germ... zzzzzzzzzzzz

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Watkins thinks that, should Yovani Gallardo prove to be a "winner," the Rangers should sign him long term.  If he should merely prove to be a "gamer," or if he merely "brings his lunchpail," though, the Rangers would be crazy to try to bring him back.

Watkins also looks at the Rangers middle infield depth and observes that it allows the Rangers to execute deals like this.

The Rangers have acquired Gonzalez Germen from the Yankees for cash, and he should fit right in here... he missed about a month last season due to an abcess and a virus.  Really, an abcess?  The Rangers went out and got him because they feel he's ready to step up his game and miss games in 2015 due to Cushing's disease.

Jon Daniels says that we need to find some left handers for the bullpen.  He then shrugged and checked his phone to see if he still has Darrin Oliver's and Eddie Guardado's contact info.

T.R. Sullivan looks at Gonzalez Germen and manages like 150 words because he's boring.

Jon Morosi says that he loves the Yovani Gallardo trade.

Gerry Fraley also notes the Gonzalez Germen acquisition.

And, finally, here's a story about removing fish from an abandoned, flooded shopping mall in Thailand.