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Jurickson Profar, Matt Harrison both throw without breaking

Jurickson Profar and Matt Harrison, two Rangers working their way back from injury, both threw without incident today

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Both Jurickson Profar and Matt Harrison threw today, and both of them reportedly feeling good and experiencing no pain, per Anthony Andro.

Profar threw from 45 feet, the first time he's thrown since the last time he was shut down because of his torn shoulder muscle.  Harrison, meanwhile, threw from 75 feet, and the hope is he'll be able to be back on the mound by mid-March, though Andro says there is no set timetable for his return.

Profar, who was slated to open the 2014 season as the Rangers' everyday second baseman, missed all of 2014 with a torn shoulder muscle.  At this point, the plan seems to be for Profar to start the season in AAA, where he can get regular at bats while playing whatever infield positions the team thinks his arm can handle.  Rougned Odor will be the second baseman in the majors to start the season, and if Profar shows his shoulder is healthy and performs well in AAA, he would be a potential major league option later in 2015.

Harrison, meanwhile, has missed missed of the past two seasons with a back problem that could end up being career-ending.  His path back is especially conservative since, as Andro notes, a set back for Harrison could mean he's done for good.  If everything goes well for Harrison, he will likely pitch in extended spring training for a while, and then go on a minor league rehab assignment at some point during 2015.  It is unlikely he would be a legitimate major league option before the second half of the season.