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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest Texas Rangers and Earl Weaver news

RIP, hardcore baseball
RIP, hardcore baseball
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Good morning. Yesterday the 10th Commissioner in Major League Baseball history was introduced. New czar Rob Manfred endeared himself by insinuating that the game is slow and boring while considering the possibility of banning fielders from standing where they think the ball will be hit. wontgetfooledagain.mp3

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick writes about the top priority issues facing Manfred as he takes the reins from Bud Selig.

Mark Townsend notes that on Day 1 of the new regime, Manfred is already pondering some anti-intellectual ideas to appease the casual fan.

In Rangers news, T.R. Sullivan writes about Texas being happy that Yu Darvish decided to stick around the DFW area to prepare for the upcoming season this winter instead of going back to Japan as he had done in previous years.

The DMN's Michael Florek has a recap of last weekend's Fan Fest festivities.

Andrew Simon takes a look at the players with the best chance of reaching the hallowed 3,000-hit mark. Adrian Beltre -- at 2,604 hits -- falls into his "Getting Close" category. Elvis Andrus -- at 959 hits -- is included among the "Young Hopefuls".

Finally, there's this quote from Jeff Banister in the DMN about giving away outs:

"When you play for one run, you usually get one run,’’ said Banister, an advocate of analytics. "You increase your odds of winning by about 85 percent with one three-run inning."

I love Earl Weaver. I've always wanted the Rangers to have an Earl Weaver. Not only was he a feisty, competitive, quote-machine SOB, but he learned to despise giving up his 27 outs for free. Earl Weaver was known for extolling the virtues of the big inning, saying "The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three-run homers." It would be swell if Banister could be the Rangers' Earl Weaver.

Have a good day.