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Thursday Morning Links

Jason Giambi to Joey Gallo: "Go yard, or go not. There is no walk."

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Katy Clarke has part two of her exploration of Joey Gallo.  The second act of a traditional three act narrative structure is where our hero reaches his lowest point.  The conflict has intensified, and the plot is now in scoring position.  We can expect our protagonist's character arc to reach its peak.  In the Empire Strikes Back, for example, Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and Luke duels Darth Vader in a climactic battle where we learn the sinister truth of Luke's parentage.  Accordingly, in part two of Katy's look at Joey Gallo, we learn that Gallo is being mentored by Darth Giambi.

Gerry Fraley reports that Hanser Alberto and Carlos Paguero have elected not to take part in the Caribbean World Series.

Keith Law has his ranking of the MLB farm systems, but it's insider content.  My hatred of paywalls runs nearly as deep as my burning loathing of traditional university education, but I also use the AdBlock extension in Chrome so I I'm not part of the solution I'm part of the problem.

T.R. Sullivan says that shoring up the starting rotation has given the Rangers pitching prospects time to mature in the minor leagues.  And, if 2014 is anything to go by, that time will be until approximately mid-April.

Your great-great-great-great-great grandmother reproduced with a Neanderthal, and had a half Neanderthal kid... and, to this day, you still carry that Neanderthal gene.  I'm quoting science here.  Now, tell me... if that's a fact.... am I lying?  Because that makes you... part... potato.  A 50,000 year old skull may hold clues about the timeframe in which Homo sapiens first reproduced with Neanderthals.