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Keith Law's top 100 prospect list includes six Texas Rangers

Six Texas Rangers prospects make Keith Law's top 100 prospect list

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law's top 100 prospect list includes six Texas Rangers minor leaguers, and is up on ESPN today.

Joey Gallo comes in at #11 overall, and in one of the more aggressive rankings of a Ranger prospect you'll see, Law has Nomar Mazara has the #2 prospect in the system, and #31 overall.

Jorge Alfaro is #35 on Law's list, Jake Thompson is #52, and Chi Chi Gonzalez is #86.  Those five are considered by most folks to be the top five prospects in the Rangers' system, and are all guys you expect to see in top 100 lists.

The sixth Ranger to crack Law's list, however, is 2014 first rounder Luis Ortiz, who is #96 in the rankings, and who Law says could move up significantly over the next year if he stays healthy.

Pretty cool to see the Rangers well-represented there, and if you have Insider, you can read the whole thing.  If not...well, why don't you have Insider?  Its cheap, and worth getting for Keith's work alone.