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Wednesday Morning Links

Derek Holland attempts to miss 2015 season, falls down in shower because of earthquake.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Neftali Feliz would like to return to being the "good Feliz" in 2015, and I think that's something we can wholeheartedly agree with.  To that end, he's joined a Zumba class and is going to show up for Spring Training in the best shape of his life.

Jim Callis takes a look at Joey Gallo, and there's nothing there really that you don't already know.  Lots of power, questions about defense, unlikely to arrive until after 2015.

Evan Grant takes a look at his number 13 prospect in the Ranger system, making a little Meghan Trainor joke in the process.  Grant also looks at Jairo Beras, sadly without making any pop music references.

Good news!  The earthquake felt around the metroplex yesterday made Derek Holland fall down in the shower but he did not critically injure his knee.  We hope.

Calvin Watkins posts his "If I Had a Hall of Fame Vote" ballot.

And, finally, a Washington State University study found that participants in a study of the use of deadly force were more likely to feel threatened by black people but were more likely to shoot white people.